As a Java developer I often receive a bunch of questions regarding top news websites I read about Java development. The time has come to share these with a broader audience. Each of pages is going to have some explanation.

1. Reddit /r/java.

This is the first page that I check in the morning. Lots of interesting Java articles shared by Java developers. The most important thing about this channel of news is that, it delivers diversity of articles. I highly recommend you to put into yours daily routine checking

2. Java Code Geeks.

Java Code Geeks is a website containing articles, newsletter and learning parts dedicated to Java language. Apart from Java articles, you can also find there a section about Agile and DevOps.

Check out Java Code Geeks!

3. Java World.

Java World is a similar page to Java Code Geeks. Java World also provides me with daily articles, contains a newsletter and learning section. Good quality of articles and whitepapers makes Java World one of my top four Java websites.

Check out Java World!

4. InfoQ Java.

InfoQ’s Java section brings the most value to me from watching Java related videos. However, InfoQ’s Java section also present Java related articles. These are my top Java news websites. Please share yours in the comments section!

Check out InfoQ Java!